Since 1993 the main activity of Symphonia films is to realize french versions for producers and distributors.
We deal as well with independents and majors companies on films for cinema, dvd, television and also on series.

We also have an activity of producer particularly on documentaries. You may have a look on Symphonia Films website to see a lot of our productions on which we have been working for more than 20 years.

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Our activities...

-Reception elements via internet / FTP
-Manufacturing work items
-Detecting Mosaic
-Translation Mosaic
-Conforming audio / video / detecting from master final
-Casting / Voice casting
-Recording -Editing sound Protools / Pyramix
-Mixing master French Version 7.1& 5.1 &2.0 theaters / DVD / Standards TV & Internet
-Sending master French Version via internet / FTP
-Storage master audio French Version